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All publications An Interactive Website with Exercises in Solving Structures from NMR Spectra An Interactive Website with Exercises in Solving Structures from NMR Spectra
Journal of Chemical Education 2023: Early View
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a very powerful analytical method that has found many applications in physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine. It is an indispensable tool particularly for synthetic chemists because it can be used for a rapid elucidation of the structures of organic compounds. For this reason, NMR spectral interpretation is a part of the core knowledge of all chemistry students, taught to them from the first years of their undergraduate studies. However, NMR spectral interpretation skills can only be learned by experience. We present a new educational website that includes more than 160 NMR spectral assignments measured for real samples. Each assignment contains NMR spectra of an unknown compound, with the task for the students being to determine its structure. Basic assignments contain only one-dimensional 1H and 13C NMR spectra
Lipidized PrRP Analog Exhibits Strong Anti-Obesity and Antidiabetic Properties in Old WKY Rats with Obesity and Glucose Intolerance
Nutrients 15 (2): 280 (2023)
Design and Synthesis of Novel HIV-1 NNRTIs with Bicyclic Cores and with Improved Physicochemical Properties
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2023: Early View
A study of azopyrimidine photoswitches and their interactions with cyclodextrins: When the guest governs the type of accommodation at the host
Dyes and Pigments 212: 111099 (2023)

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