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Synthesis, Stability and Reactivity of α‐Fluorinated Azidoalkanes
Synthesis, Stability and Reactivity of α‐Fluorinated Azidoalkanes
Olga Bakhanovich
Petr Beier
Chemistry - A European Journal - (-): Early View (2019).
Organic α‐fluorinated azidoalkanes have appeared in the literature for the first time half a century ago. However, for a long time they remained undeveloped and were regarded as chemical curiosities. Recent advances in the preparation of α‐fluorinated azidoalkanes and studies on their stability and reactivity opened up their broader synthetic potential for the preparation of valuable fluorinated and non‐fluorinated compounds.
Singlet Fission Rate: Optimized Packing of a Molecular Pair. Ethylene as a Model
Alexandr Zaykov
P. Felkel
E. A. Buchanan
M. Jovanovic
R. W. A. Havenith
R. K. Kathir
R. Broer
Zdeněk Havlas
Josef Michl
Journal of the American Chemical Society - (-): Early View (2019).
GTP-Dependent Formation of Multimeric G-Quadruplexes
Sofia Kolesnikova
Pavel Srb
Lukáš Vrzal
M. S. Lawrence
M. S. Lawrence
Václav Veverka
Edward Arthur Curtis
ACS Chemical Biology 14 (9): 1951-1963 (2019).
Determination of nucleobase-pairing free energies from rotamer equilibria of 2-(methylamino)pyrimidines
Jakub Štoček
Kateřina Bártová
Lucie Čechová
Michal Šála
Ondřej Socha
Zlatko Janeba
Martin Dračínský
Chemical Communications 55 (74): 11075-11078 (2019).
Photochemical C−H Amination of Ethers and Geminal Difunctionalization Reactions in One Pot
Daniel Hernandez Guerra
Anna Hlavačková
Chiranan Pramthaisong
Ilaria Vespoli
Radek Pohl
Tomáš Slanina
Ullrich Jahn
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (36): 12440-12445 (2019).

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