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Multivalency of nucleosome recognition by LEDGF
Multivalency of nucleosome recognition by LEDGF
Nucleic Acids Research 2023: Early View
Eukaryotic transcription is dependent on specific histone modifications. Their recognition by chromatin readers triggers complex processes relying on the coordinated association of transcription regulatory factors. Although various modification states of a particular histone residue often lead to differential outcomes, it is not entirely clear how they are discriminated. Moreover, the contribution of intrinsically disordered regions outside of the specialized reader domains to nucleosome binding remains unexplored. Here, we report the structures of a PWWP domain from transcriptional coactivator LEDGF in complex with the H3K36 di- and trimethylated nucleosome, indicating that both methylation marks are recognized by PWWP in a highly conserved manner. We identify a unique secondary interaction site for the PWWP domain at the interface between the acidic patch and nucleosomal DNA that might contribute to an H3K36-methylation independent role of LEDGF. We reveal DNA interacting motifs in…
Visualization of π-hole in molecules by means of Kelvin probe force microscopy
Nature Communications 14: 4954 (2023)
Exploring positions 6 and 7 of a quinazoline-based scaffold leads to changes in selectivity and potency towards RIPK2/3 kinases
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 260: 115717 (2023)
Sulfonothioated meso-Methyl BODIPY Shows Enhanced Uncaging Efficiency and Releases H2Sn
Organic Letters 2023: Early View

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