CSR & Outreach

IOCB provides targeted support to parents in science, backs young scientists, and encourages contributions to community life. The institute also values partnerships with nonprofit organizations, popularization, and science-related initiatives and foundations.

Supporting mothers in science

One of our priorities is to enable mothers to keep up with science while taking care of young children. IOCB offers its employees special childcare support.

Supporting young scientists

IOCB welcomes and supports initiatives aimed at making the lives of excellent young scientists easier and contributing to the successful progression of their career.

Supported foundations

We cooperate with foundations focused on the development of science, the support of scientists, and the popularization of science.

Outreach to universities

IOCB Prague engages in attracting world-class scientists to Czech universities. The IOCB Endowed Chair is a unique instrument established between IOCB and Charles University.

Kampus Dejvice

Since 2015, the Kampus Dejvice initiative has linked IOCB Prague with local universities and the National Library of Technology in Prague's Dejvice district. With the support of the local municipality, Kampus Dejvice organizes a number of activities and events for students and the general public alike.