Why choose a PhD at IOCB

A PhD is an important prerequisite for your future career, and not only in academia. During your studies, you’ll learn how to independently manage projects, cooperate in an international setting, present and defend your work before experts, and write grant proposals and reports. These skills are also desirable for management positions in both state administration and the private sector, and that’s why many PhD graduates go on to pursue careers in these spheres.

Although IOCB does not directly award PhDs, you can write your dissertation at our institute in collaboration with one or more of five selected universities.

The university will require you to complete only a few subjects, while the main focus of your PhD studies will be your chosen project at IOCB, which will also serve as the topic of your dissertation. You can acquire additional skills through our lectures and seminars, during which we regularly host world-class scientific elites including Nobel laureates.

As part of our institute, you’ll participate in advanced research conducted by distinguished scientists, gain experience in diverse settings, learn to use new instruments, and present your work at seminars and international conferences.

Combining practice with general studies at university tends to be a demanding endeavor, but that’s not the case at IOCB. Here, PhD students are also full-time or part-time employees and receive a university stipend as well as a salary from IOCB in the minimum amount of 33,200 CZK gross (about 1,300 EUR) at full-time employment complete with employee benefits.