Latest publications

Stability and Reactivity of Aromatic Radical Anions in Solution with Relevance to Birch Reduction
Journal of the American Chemical Society 146 (12): 8043–8057 (2024)
Hydration of biologically relevant tetramethylammonium cation by neutron scattering and molecular dynamics†
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 26 (4): 3208-3218 (2024)
Common Cations Are Not Polarizable: Effects of Dispersion Correction on Hydration Structures from Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 14 (19): 4403–4408 (2023)
Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Benzene in the Liquid Phase and Dissolved in Liquid Ammonia
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 126 (1): 229–238 (2022)