Latest publications

The Impact of the Solvent Dielectric Constant on A←NH3 Dative Bond Depends on the Nature of the Lewis Electron-Pair Systems
Chemistry - A European Journal 29 (35): e202300635 (2023)
The unusual stability of H-bonded complexes in solvent caused by greater solvation energy of complex compared to those of isolated fragments
Journal of Computational Chemistry 44 (3): 329–333 (2023)
Unexpected Strengthening of the H-Bond Complexes in a Polar Solvent Due to a More Efficient Solvation of the Complex Compared to Isolated Monomers
Journal of Physical Chemistry A 126 (43): 7938–7943 (2022)
The stability of covalent dative bond significantly increases with increasing solvent polarity
Nature Communications 13: 2107 (2022)