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Recent papers

Recent Trends in Chiroptical Spectroscopy: Theory and Applications of Vibrational Circular Dichroism and Raman Optical Activity
ChemPlusChem 2020 : Early View (2020).
Simulation of Raman and Raman optical activity of saccharides in solution
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (4): 1983-1993 (2020).
Understanding CH-Stretching Raman Optical Activity in Ala-Ala Dipeptides
M. Hope
J. Šebestík
J. Kapitán
P. Bouř
Journal of Physical Chemistry A 124 (4): 674-683 (2020).
Characterization of Eight Novel Spiroleptosphols from Fusarium avenaceum
K. R. Westphal
M. I. H. Werner
K. A. H. Nielsen
J. L. Sorensen
V. Andrushchenko
J. Winde
M. Hertz
M. A. Jensen
M. L. Mortensen
P. Bouř
T. E. Sondergaard
R. Wimmer
Molecules 24 (19): 3498 (2019).