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Recent papers

ShinySOM: graphical SOM-based analysis of single-cell cytometry data
M. Kratochvíl
D. Bednárek
T. Sieger
K. Fišer
J. Vondrášek
Bioinformatics 36 (10): 3288-3289 (2020).
Efficient Estimation of Absolute Binding Free Energy for a Homeodomain-DNA Complex from Nonequilibrium Pulling Simulations
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 16 (4): 2034-2041 (2020).
TRPM6 N-Terminal CaM- and S100A1-Binding Domains
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20 (18): 4430 (2019).
The registry of software tools and data resources for the life sciences
J. Ison
H. Ienasescu
P. Chmura
E. Rydza
H. Ménager
M. Kalaš
V. Schwämmle
B. Grüning
N. Beard
R. Lopez
S. Duvaud
H. Stockinger
B. Persson
R. S. Vařeková
T. Raček
J. Vondrášek
H. Peterson
A. Salumets
I. Jonassen
R. Hooft
T. Nyrönen
A. Valencia
S. Capella
J. Gelpí
F. Zambelli
B. Savakis
B. Leskošek
K. Rapacki
C. Blanchet
R. Jimenez
A. Oliveira
G. Vriend
O. Collin
J. V. Helden
P. Longreen
S. Brunak
Genome Biology 20 (1): 164 (2019).