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Recent papers

Genetic code expansion, protein expression and protein functionalisation in Bacillus subtilis
C. M. Scheidler
M. Vrábel
S. Schneider
ACS Synthetic Biology 9 (3): 486-493 (2020).
Synthesis of Base-Modified dNTPs Through Cross-Coupling Reactions and Their Polymerase Incorporation to DNA
Non-Natural Nucleic Acids: Methods and Protocols, Methods in Molecular Biology 2019 : 39-57 (2019).
Bioorthogonal Fluorescence Turn-On Labeling Based on Bicyclononyne-Tetrazine Cycloaddition Reactions that Form Pyridazine Products
ChemPlusChem 84 (5): 493-497 (2019).
An Extended Approach for the Development of Fluorogenic trans-Cyclooctene-Tetrazine Cycloadditions
ChemBioChem 20 (7): 886-890 (2019).