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Recent papers

Identification of Novel Carbonic Anhydrase IX Inhibitors Using High-Throughput Screening of Pooled Compound Libraries by DNA-Linked Inhibitor Antibody Assay (DIANA)
SLAS Discovery 2020: Early View
Optimization of norbornyl‐based carbocyclic nucleoside analogs as cyclin‐dependent kinase 2 inhibitors
Journal of Molecular Recognition 33 (8): e2842 (2020)
Impact of posttranslational modifications on atomistic structure of fibrinogen
Ž. Sovová
J. Štikarová
J. Kaufmanová
P. Májek
J. Suttnar
P. Šácha
M. Malý
J. E. Dyr
PLOS ONE 15 (1): e0227543 (2020)
Tris-(Nitrilotriacetic Acid)-Decorated Polymer Conjugates as Tools for Immobilization and Visualization of His-Tagged Proteins
Catalysts 9 (12): 1011 (2019)