Latest publications

GPR160 is not a receptor of anorexigenic cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript peptide
European Journal of Pharmacology 949: 175713 (2023)
The Development of a High-Affinity Conformation-Sensitive Antibody Mimetic Using a Biocompatible Copolymer Carrier (iBody)
Journal of Biological Chemistry 297 (5): 101342 (2021)
The role of the biotin linker in polymer antibody mimetics, iBodies, in biochemical assays
Polymer Chemistry 12 (41): 6009-6021 (2021)
Structure-activity relationship and biochemical evaluation of novel fibroblast activation protein and prolyl endopeptidase inhibitors with α-ketoamide warheads
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 224: 113717 (2021)