Latest publications

Identification of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonists using the rat postnatal mixed cortical and hippocampal neurons
European Journal of Pharmacology 927: 175056 (2022)
Pregnane-based steroids are novel positive NMDA receptor modulators that may compensate for the effect of loss-of-function disease-associated GRIN mutations
British Journal of Pharmacology 2022: Early View
The Neuroactive Steroid Pregnanolone Glutamate: Anticonvulsant Effect, Metabolites and Its Effect on Neurosteroid Levels in Developing Rat Brains
Pharmaceuticals 15 (1): 49 (2022)
Neurosteroids and steroid hormones are allosteric modulators of muscarinic receptors
Neuropharmacology 199: 108798 (2021)