Latest publications

Reversible photo- and thermal-effects on the luminescence of gold nanoclusters: implications for nanothermometry
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23 (20): 11954-11960 (2021)
Harnessing subcellular-resolved organ distribution of cationic copolymer-functionalized fluorescent nanodiamonds for optimal delivery of active siRNA to a xenografted tumor in mice
Nanoscale 2021: Early View
Formation of gadolinium-ferritin from clinical magnetic resonance contrast agents
Nanoscale Advances 2 (12): 5567-5571 (2020)
Nanoscale Dynamic Readout of a Chemical Redox Process Using Radicals Coupled with Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Nanodiamonds
ACS Nano 14 (10): 12938–12950 (2020)