Latest publications

Charge of a transmembrane peptide alters its interaction with lipid membranes
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 235: 113765 (2024)
Palmitoylation modifies transmembrane adaptor protein PAG for ordered lipid environment: A molecular dynamics simulation study
Biophysical Chemistry 304: 107124 (2024)
Stealthy Player in Lipid Experiments? EDTA Binding to Phosphatidylcholine Membranes Probed by Simulations and Monolayer Experiments
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 127 (24): 5462–5469 (2023)
Sonochemical Formation of Fluorouracil Nanoparticles: Toward Controlled Drug Delivery from Polymeric Surfaces
ACS Applied Nano Materials 6 (6): 4271–4278 (2023)