Latest publications

Triarylamminium Radical Cation Facilitates the Deprotection of tert-Butyl Groups in Esters, Ethers, Carbonates, and Carbamates
Journal of Organic Chemistry 88 (11): 6932–6938 (2023)
A Diastereoselective Catalytic Approach to Pentasubstituted Pyrrolidines by Tandem Anionic-Radical Cross-Over Reactions
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 364 (3): 671–678 (2022)
Diastereoselective Radical Couplings Enable the Asymmetric Synthesis of anti-β-Amino-α-hydroxy Carboxylic Acid Derivatives
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2018 (37): 5222-5230
Intermolecular Formation of Two C−C Bonds across Olefins Enabled by Boron-Based Relay Strategies
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (33): 9656-9658 (2017)