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Recent papers

Prevalence and the role of CCR5Δ32 heterozygosity in disease progression in HIV positive patients in the Czech Republic
Epidemiologie, Mikrobiologie, Imunologie 68 (3): 138-143 (2019).
LC/MS analysis and deep sequencing reveal the accurate RNA composition in the HIV-1 virion
Scientific Reports 9 : 8697 (2019).
Novel influenza inhibitors designed to target PB1 interactions with host importin RanBP5
G. Mohl
N. Liddle
J. Nygaard
A. Dorius
N. Lyons
J. Hodek J. Weber
D. J. Michaelis
D. D. Busath
Antiviral Research 164 : 81-90 (2019).
Inhibition of the precursor and mature forms of HIV-1 protease as a tool for drug evaluation
Scientific Reports 8 : 10438 (2018).