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Recent papers

Posttranslational modifications of HBV core protein
Acta Virologica 64 (2): 177-186 (2020)
(Iso)Quinoline-Artemisinin Hybrids via Click Chemistry: Highly Potent Agents Against Viruses
A. Çapci
A. Çapcı
M. M. Lorion
C. Mai
F. Hahn
J. Hodek
C. Wangen
J. Weber
M. Marschall
L. Ackermann
S. B. Tsogoeva
Chemistry - A European Journal 26 (52): 12019-12026 (2020)
Unraveling the anti-influenza effect of flavonoids: Experimental validation of luteolin and its congeners as potent influenza endonuclease inhibitors
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 208: Early View (2020)
Toll-like receptor dual-acting agonists are potent inducers of PBMC-produced cytokines that inhibit hepatitis B virus production in primary human hepatocytes
V. Janovec
V. Janovec
J. Hodek K. Clarová T. Hofman
T. Hofman
P. Dostalík
J. Froněk
J. Chlupáč
L. Chaperot
S. Durand
T. F. Baumert
I. Pichová B. Lubyová I. Hirsch J. Weber
Scientific Reports 10: 12767 (2020)