Latest publications

Discovery of a potent and selective human AC2 inhibitor based on 7-deazapurine analogues of adefovir
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 95: 117508 (2023)
Stereo-Defined Acyclic Nucleoside Phosphonates are Selective and Potent Inhibitors of Parasite 6-Oxopurine Phosphoribosyltransferases
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 65 (5): 4030–4057 (2022)
Halogen-Dance-Based Synthesis of Phosphonomethoxyethyl (PME) Substituted 2-Aminothiazoles as Potent Inhibitors of Bacterial Adenylate Cyclases
ChemMedChem 17 (1): e202100568 (2022)
Acyclic nucleoside phosphonates with 2-aminothiazole base as inhibitors of bacterial and mammalian adenylate cyclases
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 222: 113581 (2021)