Latest publications

Inhibitors of mpox VP39 2′-O methyltransferase efficiently inhibit the monkeypox virus
Antiviral Research 218: 105714 (2023)
Effects of biophysical membrane properties on recognition of phosphatidylserine, or phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate by lipid biosensors LactC2, or P4M
Biochimie 2023: Early View
Exploring positions 6 and 7 of a quinazoline-based scaffold leads to changes in selectivity and potency towards RIPK2/3 kinases
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 260: 115717 (2023)
Crystal Structure of the ORP8 Lipid Transport ORD Domain: Model of Lipid Transport
Cells 12 (15): 1974 (2023)