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Recent papers

Compound heterozygous CACNA1H mutations associated with severe congenital amyotrophy
M. T. Carter
H. J. McMillan
Andriy Tomin
Norbert Weiss
Channels 13 (1): 153-161 (2019).
Identification of a molecular gating determinant within the carboxy terminal region of Cav3.3 T-type channels
B. Jurkovicova-Tarabova
Leoš Cmarko
R. Rehak
G. W. Zamponi
L. Lacinová
Norbert Weiss
Molecular Brain 12 : 34 (2019).
T-Type Channel Druggability at a Crossroads
Norbert Weiss
G. W. Zamponi
ACS Chemical Neuroscience 10 (3): 1124-1126 (2019).
T-type calcium channels: From molecule to therapeutic opportunities
Norbert Weiss
G. W. Zamponi
International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology 108 : 34-39 (2019).