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Recent papers

Nature of Binding in Planar Halogen–Benzene Assemblies and Their Possible Visualization in Scanning Probe Microscopy
Aurelio Gallardo
Aurelio Jesús Gallardo Caparrós
Jindřich Fanfrlík
Pavel Hobza
Pavel Jelínek
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (13): 8379-8386 (2019).
Chalcogen Bonding due to the Exo-Substitution of Icosahedral Dicarbaborane
Jindřich Fanfrlík
Drahomír Hnyk
Pavel Hobza
Molecules 24 (14): 2657 (2019).
Thiaboranes on Both Sides of the Icosahedral Barrier: Retaining and Breaking the Barrier with Carbon Functionalities
Josef Holub
J. Vrána
A. Růžička
Z. Růžičková
Jindřich Fanfrlík
Drahomír Hnyk
ChemPlusChem 84 (7): 822-827 (2019).
A theoretical analysis of the structure and properties of B26H30 isomers. Consequences to the laser and semiconductor doping capabilities of large borane clusters
Jan Macháček
A. Frances-Monerris
N. Karmodak
D. Roca-Sanjuan
Jindřich Fanfrlík
Michael Geoffrey Stephen Londesborough
Drahomír Hnyk
E. D. Jemmis
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (24): 12916-12923 (2019).