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Recent papers

Face‐Fusion of Icosahedral Boron Hydride Increases Affinity to γ‐Cyclodextrin: closo,closo‐[B21H18] as an Anion with Very Low Free Energy of Dehydration
K. I. Assaf
J. Holub
E. Bernhardt
J. M. Oliva‐enrich
M. I. F. Pérez
M. Canle
J. A. Santaballa
J. Fanfrlík
D. Hnyk
W. M. Nau
ChemPhysChem 2020 : Early View (2020).
Optimization of norbornyl‐based carbocyclic nucleoside analogs as cyclin‐dependent kinase 2 inhibitors
Journal of Molecular Recognition 2020 : Early View (2020).
The Influence of Halogenated Hypercarbon on Crystal Packing in the Series of 1-Ph-2-X-1,2-dicarba-closo-dodecaboranes (X = F, Cl, Br, I)
M. Havránek
M. A. Samsonov
J. Holub
Z. Růžičková
L. Drož
A. Růžička
J. Fanfrlík
D. Hnyk
Molecules 25 (5): 1200 (2020).
Biomimetic Macrocyclic Inhibitors of Human Cathepsin D: Structure–Activity Relationship and Binding Mode Analysis
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 63 (4): 1576-1596 (2020).