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Recent papers

Photochemical C−H Amination of Ethers and Geminal Difunctionalization Reactions in One Pot
Daniel Hernandez Guerra
Anna Hlavačková
Chiranan Pramthaisong
Ilaria Vespoli
Radek Pohl
Tomáš Slanina
Ullrich Jahn
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (36): 12440-12445 (2019).
First total synthesis of ent-asperparaline C and assignment of the absolute configuration of asperparaline C
Irena Dokli
Radek Pohl
Blanka Klepetářová
Ullrich Jahn
Chemical Communications 55 (27): 3931-3934 (2019).
Expansion of the fatty acyl reductase gene family shaped pheromone communication in Hymenoptera
Michal Tupec
Aleš Buček
V. Janoušek
H. Vogel
Darina Prchalová
Jiří Kindl
Tereza Pavlíčková
Petra Wenzelová
Ullrich Jahn
Irena Valterová
Iva Pichová
eLife 8 : e39231 (2019).
New Phosphine Ligand Architectures Lead to Efficient Gold Catalysts for Cycloisomerization Reactions at Very Low Loading
Shraddha Ganpatrao Mahamulkar
I. Císařová
Ullrich Jahn
Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis 360 (21): 4215-4224 (2018).