Latest publications

Single Electron Transfer-Induced Selective α˗Oxygenation of Glycine Derivatives
Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis 2021: Early View
Enolate-Based Regioselective Anti-Beckmann C–C Bond Cleavage of Ketones
Journal of Organic Chemistry 86 (17): 11608–11632 (2021)
Design of Novel Uncharged Organic Superbases: Merging Basicity and Functionality
Accounts of Chemical Research 54 (15): 3108–3123 (2021)
First Total Synthesis of Phytoprostanes with Prostaglandin-Like Configuration, Evidence for Their Formation in Edible Vegetable Oils and Orienting Study of Their Biological Activity
Chemistry - A European Journal 27 (37): 9556-9562 (2021)