Recent papers

Binding of divalent cations to acetate: molecular simulations guided by Raman spectroscopy
D. M. D. Oliveira
S. R. Zukowski
V. Palivec
J. Hénin
H. Martinez-Seara
D. Ben-Amotz
P. Jungwirth E. Duboué-Dijon
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (41): 24014-24027 (2020)
Benzene Radical Anion in the Context of the Birch Reduction: When Solvation Is the Key
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11 (15): 6032-6038 (2020)
A practical guide to biologically relevant molecular simulations with charge scaling for electronic polarization
Journal of Chemical Physics 153: 050901 (2020)
Photoelectron spectra of alkali metal–ammonia microjets: From blue electrolyte to bronze metal
T. Buttersack P. E. Mason
R. S. Mcmullen
H. C. Schewe
T. Martinek K. Březina M. Crhán
A. Gomez
D. Hein
G. Wartner
R. Seidel
H. Ali
S. Thürmer
O. Maršálek
B. Winter
S. E. Bradforth
P. Jungwirth
Science 368 (6495): 1086-1091 (2020)