Latest publications

Common Cations Are Not Polarizable: Effects of Dispersion Correction on Hydration Structures from Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 14 (19): 4403–4408 (2023)
Effects of Water Deuteration on Thermodynamic and Structural Properties of Proteins and Biomembranes
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 127 (5): 1138–1143 (2023)
Gas Phase C6H6 Anion: Electronic Stabilization by Opening of the Benzene Ring
Journal of Chemical Physics 157: 224306 (2022)
Bridging Electrochemistry and Photoelectron Spectroscopy in the Context of Birch Reduction: Detachment Energies and Redox Potentials of Electron, Dielectron, and Benzene Radical Anion in Liquid Ammonia
Journal of the American Chemical Society 144 (48): 22093–22100 (2022)