Recent papers

Capillary electrophoretic profiling of in‐bone tryptic digests of proteins as a potential tool for the detection of inflammatory states in oral surgery
I. Michalusová
P. Sázelová
P. Cejnar
Š. Kučková
R. Hynek
V. Kašička
Journal of Separation Science 2020: Early View
Determination of binding constants of multiple charged cyclodextrin complexes by ACE using uncorrected and ionic strength corrected actual mobilities of the species involved
Electrophoresis 41 (7-8): 523-535 (2020)
Recent developments in capillary and microchip electroseparations of peptides (2017-mid 2019)
Electrophoresis 41 (1-2): 10-35 (2020)
Affinity capillary electrophoresis employed for determination of stability constants of antamanide complexes with univalent and divalent cations in methanol
S. Pangavhane
E. Makrlík
P. Ruzza
V. Kašička
Electrophoresis 40 (18-19): 2321-2328 (2019)