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Selection of Galectin-Binding Ligands from Synthetic Glycopeptide Libraries
ChemPlusChem 2023: Early View
CuAAC in Protein Conjugation
Science of Synthesis 2021/4: Click Chemistry (Rutjes, F. P. J. T., Ed.), Thieme, Stuttgart, 744pp., 95-133, Unknown (2021)
Stepwise triple-click functionalization of synthetic peptides
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 16 (33): 5960-5964 (2018)
Nonpyrogenic Molecular Adjuvants Based on norAbu-Muramyldipeptide and norAbu-Glucosaminyl Muramyldipeptide: Synthesis, Molecular Mechanisms of Action, and Biological Activities in Vitro and in Vivo
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 60 (18): 7745-7763 (2017)