Latest publications

Real-time Imaging of Nascent DNA in Live Cells by Monitoring the Fluorescence Lifetime of DNA-Incorporated Thiazole Orange-Modified Nucleotides
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2023: Early View
Powerful Avidity with a Limited Valency for Virus-Attachment Blockers on DC-SIGN: Combining Chelation and Statistical Rebinding with Structural Plasticity of the Receptor
ACS Central Science 9 (4): 709–718 (2023)
Helquat dyes targeting G-quadruplexes as a new class of anti-HIV-1 inhibitors
Scientific Reports 13: 6096 (2023)
Targeting the insulin receptor with hormone and peptide dimers
Journal of Peptide Science 29 (4): e3461 (2023)