A. Stephen K. Hashmi

25 May 2018
IOCB Prague
Prof. A. Stephen K. Hashmi (Organisch-Chemisches Institut, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Germany)
Gold Catalysis: The Journey from „Catalytically Dead" to C,H Insertion and Photoredox Catalysis
Date and time
25 May 2018, 10 a.m.
IOCB Prague, Lecture Hall (Building A, 2nd floor, A2.01)


The presentation will cover catalyst preparation, methodology development in the field of homogeneous gold catalysis of organic reactions, mechanistic studies and applications in synthesis.

The catalyst preparation will include synthetic ways to gold(I) and gold(III) catalysts, both inorganic coordination compounds as well as organometallic catalysts. The methodology development will cover a broad span from reactions proceeding through vinylgold(I) compounds, functionalized carbengold(I) complexes and even vinylidenegold(I) complexes or vinylgold(III) intermediates.

The mechanistic studies are based on isotope labelling, in situ spectroscopy and detailed computational investigation.
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