Kenichiro Itami

26 April 2017
IOCB Prague
Prof. Kenichiro Itami (Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules & Department of Chemistry, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan)
Making Structurally Uniform Nanocarbons and a New Form of Carbon
Date and time
26 April 2017, 10 a.m.
IOCB Prague, Lecture Hall (Building A, 2nd floor, A2.01)


Nanocarbons conduct electricity, absorb and emit light, and exhibit interesting magnetic properties. Spherical fullerene C60, cylindrical carbon nanotubes and sheet-like graphenes are representative forms of nanocarbons, and theoretical simulations have predicted a number of exotic three-dimensional nanocarbon structures. At present, however, synthetic routes to nanocarbons mainly lead to mixtures of molecules with a range of different structures and properties, which cannot be easily separated or refined into pure forms. Some researchers believe it is impossible to synthesise these materials in a precise manner. Obtaining “pure” nanocarbons is a great challenge in the field of nanocarbon science, and the construction of structurally uniform nanocarbons – ideally as single molecules – is crucial for the development of functional materials in nanotechnology, electronics, optics, and biomedical applications. In this talk, our organic chemistry approach toward making structurally uniform nanocarbons and a new form of carbon will be presented.
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