IOCB Invited Lectures 2014

11 March 2014
Prof. Gary A. Molander (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA):
Novel Organoboron Reagents and Reactivities

27 May 2014
Prof. C. Dale Poulter (University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA):
From Genes to Enzymes to Compounds. A Chemical Basis for Evolution of Function

5 June 2014
Prof. Wilfred A. Van Der Donk (Howard Hughes Medical Institute & University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, USA):
Biosynthesis of Cyclic Peptide Antibiotics

25 June 2014
Prof. Tom W. Muir (Princeton University, NJ, USA):
‘Houdini’ Proteins: Discovery and Applications of Ultrafast Inteins

12 November 2014
Prof. Benjamin G. Davis (University of Oxford, UK):
Sugars & Proteins: Towards a Synthetic Biology