IOCB Invited Lectures 2023

20 February 2023
Prof. Eva Nogales (University of California Berkeley, CA, USA):
Structural Insights into the Regulation of the Gene Silencer PRC2
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Prof. F. Ulrich Hartl (Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany):
Molecular Chaperones in Protein Folding and Proteostasis
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4 May 2023
Prof. Lisa Stowers (Department of Neuroscience, The Scripps Research Institute, San Diego, CA, USA):
Leveraging Pheromones and Olfactory Sensation to Study Social Behavior in the Mouse
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31 May 2023 – Tony Holý Lecture
Dr. Tomas Cihlar (Gilead Sciences, Foster City, CA, USA):
Treatment and Prevention of HIV: We Came a Long Way, But Are Not There Yet
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6 September 2023
Prof. Agnieszka Chacińska (IMol, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland):
Chatty Mitochondria: Keeping the Balance in Cellular Protein Homeostasis
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22 September 2023
Prof. Makoto Fujita (Department of Applied Chemistry, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Japan):
Coordination Self-Assembly: From Origins to the Latest Advances
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14 November 2023
Prof. Peter G. Schultz (The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, USA):
Playing with the Molecules of Life
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