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Group leader

Petr Beier, Ph.D.


Research interest: Organic synthesis, Organo-Fluorine Chemistry, Asymmetric Synthesis, Reaction Mechanisms, Biocatalysis.

Other sources

Recent papers

Azidofluoromethane: synthesis, stability and reactivity in [3 + 2] cycloadditions
Svatava Voltrová
J. Filgas
P. Slavíček
Petr Beier
Organic Chemistry Frontiers 7 (1): 10-13 (2020).
Synthesis of water-soluble hypervalent iodine reagents for fluoroalkylation of biological thiols
Iveta Klimánková
Martin Hubálek
V. Matoušek
Petr Beier
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2019 (47): 10097-10102 (2019).
General approach to 2-fluoroalkyl 1,3-azoles via the tandem ring opening and defluorinative annulation of N-fluoroalkyl-1,2,3-triazoles
Vladimir Motornov
Vojtěch Košťál
Athanasios Markos
Dominik Täffner
Petr Beier
Organic Chemistry Frontiers 6 (22): 3776-3780 (2019).
Synthesis, Stability, and Reactivity of Azidofluoroalkanes
Petr Beier
Synthesis 51 (15): A115-A117 (2019).