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Group leader

Petr Beier, Ph.D.


Research interest: Organic synthesis, Organo-Fluorine Chemistry, Asymmetric Synthesis, Reaction Mechanisms, Biocatalysis.

Other sources

Recent papers

General approach to 2-fluoroalkyl 1,3-azoles via the tandem ring opening and defluorinative annulation of N-fluoroalkyl-1,2,3-triazoles
Vladimir Motornov
Vojtěch Košťál
Athanasios Markos
Dominik Täffner
Petr Beier
Organic Chemistry Frontiers - (-): Early View (2019).
Synthesis, Stability, and Reactivity of Azidofluoroalkanes
Petr Beier
Synthesis 51 (15): A115-A117 (2019).
Synthesis, Stability and Reactivity of α‐Fluorinated Azidoalkanes
Olga Bakhanovich
Petr Beier
Chemistry - A European Journal - (-): Early View (2019).
Reductant‐Induced Free Radical Fluoroalkylation of Nitrogen Heterocycles and Innate Aromatic Amino Acid Residues in Peptides and Proteins
Kheironnesae Rahimidashaghoul
Iveta Klimánková
Martin Hubálek
Michal Korecký
M. Chvojka
D. Pokorný
V. Matoušek
L. Fojtík
Daniel Kavan
Zdeněk Kukačka
P. Novák
Petr Beier
Chemistry - A European Journal - (-): Early View (2019).