Group leader

Petr Beier, Ph.D.


Research interest: Organic synthesis, Organo-Fluorine Chemistry, Asymmetric Synthesis, Reaction Mechanisms, Biocatalysis.

Other sources

Recent papers

Preparation of 1-Azido-2-Bromo-1,1,2,2-Tetrafluoroethane and Its Use in the Synthesis of N-Fluoroalkylated Nitrogen Heterocycles
Journal of Organic Chemistry 85 (17): 11482–11489 (2020)
Visible‐Light‐Driven Fluoroalkylation of Tryptophan Residues in Peptides
ChemPhotoChem 2020: Early View
ZnCl2-catalyzed synthesis of α-dithiocarbamato-alkyl-β-naphthols via the Betti reaction under solvent-free conditions
M. K. Foumeshi
A. Z. Halimehjani
H. Paghandeh
P. Beier
Tetrahedron Letters 61 (35): Early View (2020)
Synthesis of Novel α,β-Unsaturated Sulfonic Acid Derivatives Containing Dithiocarbamate/Xanthate Groups by Ring Opening of an α,β-Unsaturated γ-Sultone
Synlett 31 (10): 987-990 (2020)