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Recent papers

Catabolism of 8-oxo-purines is mainly routed via the guanine to xanthine interconversion pathway in Mycobacterium smegmatis
Zdeněk Knejzlík
Klára Herkommerová
Iva Pichová
Tuberculosis 119 (-): Early View (2019).
Comparison of a retroviral protease in monomeric and dimeric states
S. Wosicki
M. Gilski
Helena Zábranská
Iva Pichová
M. Jaskolski
Acta Crystallographica Section D: Structural Biology 75 (10): 904-917 (2019).
Hepatitis B Virus X Protein Function Requires Zinc Binding
D. Ramakrishnan
W. Xing
R. K. Beran
S. Chemuru
H. Rohrs
A. Niedziela-Majka
B. Marchand
U. Mehra
Aleš Zábranský
Michal Doležal
Martin Hubálek
Iva Pichová
M. L. Gross
H. J. Kwon
S. P. Fletcher
Journal of Virology 93 (16): e00250 (2019).
Various AKIP1 Expression Levels Affect Its Subcellular Localization but Have no Effect on NF-κB Activation
Alena Keprová
L. Kořínková
I. Křížová
Romana Hadravová
F. Kaufman
Iva Pichová
T. Ruml
M. Rumlová
Physiological Research 68 (3): 431-443 (2019).