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Recent papers

Analysis of nucleotide pools in bacteria using HPLC-MS in HILIC mode
Eva Zborníková
Zdeněk Knejzlík
V. Hauryliuk
Libor Krásný
Dominik Rejman
Talanta 205 : Early View (2019).
Pyrrolidine nucleoside bisphosphonates as antituberculosis agents targeting hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase
W. S. Eng
Dominik Rejman
Radek Pohl
N. P. West
K. Woods
L. M. J. Naesens
D. T. Keough
L. W. Guddat
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 159 (5): 10-22 (2018).
The Control of the Tautomeric Equilibrium of Isocytosine by Intermolecular Interactions
Radek Pohl
Ondřej Socha
Michal Šála
Dominik Rejman
Martin Dračínský
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2018 (37): 5128-5135 (2018).
Novel (p)ppGpp Binding and Metabolizing Proteins of Escherichia coli
Y. Zhang
Eva Zborníková
Dominik Rejman
K. Gerdes
mBio 9 (2): e02188 (2018).