Latest publications

Chiral analysis of β-alanyl D,L-tyrosine and its derivatives and estimation of binding constants of their complexes with 2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin by capillary electrophoresis
Journal of Separation Science 2022: Early View
In-bone protein digestion followed by LC-MS/MS peptide analysis as a new way towards the routine proteomic characterization of human maxillary and mandibular bone tissue in oral surgery
Electrophoresis 42 (23): 2552-2562 (2021)
Application of Capillary and Free-Flow Zone Electrophoresis for Analysis and Purification of Antimicrobial β-Alanyl-Tyrosine from Hemolymph of Fleshfly Neobellieria bullata
Molecules 26 (18): 5636 (2021)