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Recent papers

The labral gland in termites: evolution and function
V. Palma-Onetto
Jitka Pflegerová
R. Plarre
J. Synek
Josef Cvačka
D. Sillam-Dusses
J. Šobotník
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 126 (3): 587-597 (2019).
Inhibitory activity of Scorzonera latifolia and its components on enzymes connected with healing process
E. K. Akkol
K. Šmejkal
E. Kurtul
M. Ilhan
F. T. Güragac
G. S. İşcan
Ö. B. Acıkara
Josef Cvačka
Miloš Buděšínský
Journal of Ethnopharmacology 245 : 112168 (2019).
Combining Charge-Switch Derivatization with Ozone-Induced Dissociation for Fatty Acid Analysis
B. L. J. Poad
D. L. Marshall
Eva Harazim
R. Gupta
V. R. Narreddula
R. S. E. Young
E. Duchoslav
J. L. Campbell
J. A. Broadbent
Josef Cvačka
T. W. Mitchell
S. J. Blanksby
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 30 (10): 2135–2143 (2019).
LC/MS analysis and deep sequencing reveal the accurate RNA composition in the HIV-1 virion
Anna Šimonová
Barbora Svojanovská
Jana Trylčová
Martin Hubálek
O. Moravčík
Martin Zavřel
Marcela Pávová
Jan Hodek
Jan Weber
Josef Cvačka
Jan Pačes
Hana Cahová
Scientific Reports 9 : 8697 (2019).