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Recent papers

Anti-HBV activity of retinoid drugs in vitro versus in vivo
G. Birkuš
C. Snyder
R. Jordan
T. Kobayashi
R. Dick
V. Puscau
L. Li
R. Ramirez
M. Willkom
Y. Morikawa
W. E. Delaney
U. Schmitz
Antiviral Research 169: Early View (2019)
Enzymatic Preparation of 2′–5′,3′–5′-Cyclic Dinucleotides, Their Binding Properties to Stimulator of Interferon Genes Adaptor Protein, and Structure/Activity Correlations
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 62 (23): 10676-10690 (2019)
No magnesium is needed for binding of the stimulator of interferon genes to cyclic dinucleotides
Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology Communications 75 (9): 593-598 (2019)
Biochemical characterization of recombinant influenza A polymerase heterotrimer complex: Polymerase activity and mechanisms of action of nucleotide analogs
O. Barauskas
W. Xing
E. Aguayo
M. Willkom
A. Sapre
M. Clarke
G. Birkuš
B. E. Schultz
R. Sakowicz
H. J. Kwon
J. Y. Feng
PLOS ONE 12 (10): e0185998 (2017)