Latest publications

Proteases and their inhibitors involved in Schistosoma mansoni egg-host interaction revealed by comparative transcriptomics with Fasciola hepatica eggs
International Journal for Parasitology 53 (5–6): 253–263 (2023)
An evolutionary molecular adaptation of an unusual stefin from the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica redefines the cystatin superfamily
Journal of Biological Chemistry 299 (3): 102970 (2023)
Two Tags in One Probe: Combining Fluorescence- and Biotin-based Detection of the Trypanosomal Cysteine Protease Rhodesain
Chemistry - A European Journal 28 (62): e202201636 (2022)
Transcriptomic and proteomic profiling of peptidase expression in Fasciola hepatica eggs developing at host’s body temperature
Scientific Reports 12: 10308 (2022)