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Recent papers

Tris-(Nitrilotriacetic Acid)-Decorated Polymer Conjugates as Tools for Immobilization and Visualization of His-Tagged Proteins
Jana Beranová
Tomáš Knedlík
Adéla Šimková
V. Šubr
Vladimír Šubr
Libor Kostka
L. Kostka
T. Etrych
Tomáš Etrych
Jan Konvalinka
Pavel Šácha
Catalysts 9 (12): 1011 (2019).
Exploiting the unique features of Zika and Dengue proteases for inhibitor design
Taťána Majerová
Pavel Novotný
Eliška Krýsová
Jan Konvalinka
Biochimie 166 : 132-141 (2019).
GCPII and its close homolog GCPIII: from a neuropeptidase to a cancer marker and beyond
Barbora Vorlová
Tomáš Knedlík
Jan Tykvart
Jan Konvalinka
Frontiers in Bioscience 24 (1): 648-687 (2019).
MCC950/CRID3 potently targets the NACHT domain of wild-type NLRP3 but not disease-associated mutants for inflammasome inhibition
L. V. Walle
I. B. Stowe
Pavel Šácha
B. L. Lee
D. Demon
A. Fossoul
F. Van Hauwermeiren
P. H. V. Saavedra
Petr Šimon
Vladimír Šubr
Libor Kostka
C. E. Stivala
V. C. Pham
S. T. Staben
S. Yamazoe
Jan Konvalinka
N. Kayagaki
M. Lamkanfi
PLOS Biology 17 (10): e3000529 (2019).