Dana Hocková Lecture – Hana Lísalová

7 March 2024
IOCB Prague
Dana Hocková Lecture – Hana Lísalová
Date and time

7 March 2024, 10 a.m. & 3 p.m.

RNDr. Hana Lísalová, Ph.D. (Institute of Physics of the CAS, Czech Republic)

10 a.m. From antifouling (nano-)coatings to smart biosensing in complex media (Lecture Hall)

3 p.m. Career workshop "Being blond and pushing science forward" (Club)


In tribute to a brilliant scientist Dana Hocková it is my honor to introduce our recent research on pushing the boundaries of antifouling bio-functional materials and nano-coatings, with a particular focus on enhancing biosensing in real-world media. To address this challenge, we explore the fascinating properties of ultrathin antifouling bio-functional polymer brushes. Namely, we will share recent advances in the following areas: i) design, fabrication, and responsive behavior of antifouling functionalizable brush nano-coatings, ii) molecular-level research on biofunctionalization, iii) the integration of zwitterionic brushes in advanced cell-on-a-chip systems, and iv) examples of antifouling point-of-care biosensors with tailor-made microfluidics systems. Results show how important (and challenging) it is to precisely control over the antifouling properties of polymer nano-coatings when submerged in real-world complex biological fluids. We detail new approaches to probe brushes with emerging electrochemical impedance spectroscopy technique. We present a new antifouling terpolymer brush with a superior combination of antifouling and bio-functionalization capabilities over similar bio-functional coatings. This material has been successfully employed in several antifouling biosensors; for example, in piezoelectric biosensors for the rapid sensitive detection of SARS-CoV-2 in complex clinical and surface swab samples as well as bacterial pathogens in fresh foods.

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