List of PhD projects in 2021

CHEM cluster

  • Modified DNAzymes and DNA origami (Michal Hocek Group)
  • New heterocyclic inhibitors of selected protein kinases (Michal Hocek Group)
  • New deazapurine nucleosides and nucleotides as potential antivirals or cytostatics (Michal Hocek Group)
  • Design and synthesis of novel photoswitches derived from heteroarylazobenzenes and bis-azobenzenes (Zlatko Janeba Group)
  • Design and synthesis of inhibitors of purine nucleoside phosphorylases – SAR study (Zlatko Janeba Group)
  • Enantioselective catalysis under the control of helical chirality (Ivo Starý Group)
  • Nonplanar unconventional pi-electron systems (Ivo Starý Group)
  • The development and application of organelle-targeted bioorthogonal cleavage reactions (Milan Vrábel Group)
  • Development of new chemical tools to study cell-cell interactions (Milan Vrábel Group)

BIO cluster

  • Development of capturing techniques for dinucleoside polyphosphate capped RNA (Hana Cahová Group)
  • New CART (cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript) peptide analogs: characterization and effects in models of obesity and neurodegeneration (Lenka Maletínská Group)
  • Cathepsin proteases in biomedicine (Michael Mareš Group)
  • Biological machine learning (Tomáš Pluskal Group)
  • Computational mass spectrometry (Tomáš Pluskal Group)
  • Role of adhesion-GPCRs during viral infection of mammalian cells (Jan Weber Group)

PHYS cluster

  • Development of lanthanide luminescent complexes for Raman spectroscopy and imaging (Petr Bouř Group)
  • Development of high pressure Raman and Raman optical activity spetroscopy (Petr Bouř Group)
  • Computations of beyond-Born-Oppenheimer corrections for chiral spectroscopy (Petr Bouř Group)
  • Endohedral fullerenes as components for molecular electronics (Lubomír Rulíšek Group)