List of PhD projects in 2022

CHEM cluster

  • Modified nucleotides for selection of functional nucleic acids (Michal Hocek Group)
  • Modified ribonucleotides for enzymatic synthesis of RNA analogues (Michal Hocek Group)
  • New deazapurine nucleosides and prodrugs as potential cytostatics (Michal Hocek Group)
  • Design and synthesis of novel prodrugs of nucleotide analogues (Zlatko Janeba Group)
  • Development of Molecular Machines for the Surface Applications (Jiří Kaleta Group)
  • Technology for separation of medical radionuclides of lanthanides (Miloslav Polášek Group)
  • Chiral macrocycles for specialty biomedical applications (Miloslav Polášek Group)
  • Photochemical Catch and Release Strategy (Tomáš Slanina Group)
  • Photochemistry and Spectroscopy of Organic Radical Ions (Tomáš Slanina Group)
  • Enantioselective catalysis under the control of helical chirality (Ivo Starý Group)
  • Nonplanar unconventional pi-electron systems (Ivo Starý Group)
  • Photophysics of nanostructures with scanning spectromicroscopy (Ivo Starý Group)

BIO cluster

  • The effect of non-canonical RNA caps on RNA stability, localization and mRNA translation in eukaryotic cells (Hana Cahová Group)
  • Medicinal chemistry/chemical biology project (Jan Konvalinka Group)
  • Delivery tools for crossing the blood brain barrier (Jan Konvalinka Group)
  • Viral proteases of important human pathogens (Jan Konvalinka Group)
  • The polymeric conjugates as an experimental tool in immunomodulation and immunotherapy (Jan Konvalinka Group)
  • The role of anorexigenic and orexigenic peptides in pathogenesis of obesity and neurodegeneration (Lenka Maletínská Group)
  • Computational mass spectrometry (Tomáš Pluskal Group)
  • Transient nuclear protein-protein interaction networks (Pavlína Řezáčová Group)
  • Membrane protein biogenesis and quality control in health and disease (Kvido Stříšovský Group)

PHYS cluster

  • Computational modeling of molecular optical activity (Petr Bouř Group)