List of PhD projects in 2023

CHEM cluster

  • Synthesis and application of N-fluoroalkylated compounds (Petr Beier Group)
  • Enzymatic synthesis of base-modified RNA (Michal Hocek Group)
  • Modified nucleotides for selection of functional nucleic acids (Michal Hocek Group)
  • New modified nucleosides and nucleotides as potential receptor modulators (Michal Hocek Group)
  • Design and synthesis of inhibitors of purine salvage pathway enzymes (Zlatko Janeba Group)
  • Design and synthesis of novel azo-based photoswitches (Zlatko Janeba Group)
  • Molecular propulsion units (Jiří Kaleta Group)
  • Multiphotochromic molecular machines (Jiří Kaleta Group)
  • Synthesis of low-molecular compounds for specific targeting of important therapeutic targets (Jan Konvalinka Group)
  • Synthesis of biologically active neurosteroids (Eva Kudová Group)
  • Inhibitors of viral methyltransferases (Radim Nencka Group)
  • Catalytic stereoselective synthesis of elusive atropisomers for drug discovery (Paulo Paioti Group)
  • Photochemistry and spectroscopy of organic radical ions (Tomáš Slanina Group)
  • Helically chiral ligands for asymmetric transition metal catalysis (Ivo Starý Group)
  • Synthesis and chiroptical properties of helicene-derived luminophores (Ivo Starý Group)
  • Development of new chemical tools to study cell-cell interactions (Milan Vrábel Group)

BIO cluster

  • Development of deoxyribozyme sensors (Edward Curtis Group)
  • Deoxyribozyme discovery using single-step selections (Edward Curtis Group)
  • In vitro evolution and engineering of XNA polymerases (Michal Hocek Group)
  • Viral proteases of important human pathogens (Jan Konvalinka Group)
  • Regulation of proteolysis in biomedicine (Michael Mareš Group)
  • Protein complexes in nucleosomal context (Pavlína Řezáčová Group)
  • Structural studies of medicinally relevant proteins and their complexes (Pavlína Řezáčová Group)
  • Inhibitors of intramembrane proteases of the rhomboid family (Kvido Stříšovský Group)
  • Novel mechanisms of regulation of the ADAM17 metalloprotease for anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity strategies (Kvido Stříšovský Group)
  • Characterization of Hepatitis B virus – host cell interaction networks and their role in viral pathogenesis (Jan Weber Group)

PHYS cluster

  • Development of a methodology for protein analysis by native CE-MS (Václav Kašička Group)