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Recent papers

Interplay between Conformational Strain and Intramolecular Interaction in Protein Structures: Which of Them Is Evolutionarily Conserved?
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 124 (16): 3252-3260 (2020).
Dinucleoside polyphosphates act as 5′-RNA caps in bacteria
Nature Communications 11 : 1052 (2020).
Enzymatic Preparation of 2′–5′,3′–5′-Cyclic Dinucleotides, Their Binding Properties to Stimulator of Interferon Genes Adaptor Protein, and Structure/Activity Correlations
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 62 (23): 10676-10690 (2019).
Factors Stabilizing β-Sheets in Protein Structures from a Quantum-Chemical Perspective
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 123 (30): 6453-6461 (2019).