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Recent papers

Factors Stabilizing β-Sheets in Protein Structures from a Quantum-Chemical Perspective
Martin Culka
Lubomír Rulíšek
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 123 (30): 6453-6461 (2019).
Preparation and redox properties of fluorinated 1,3-diphenylisobenzofurans
Jiří Kaleta
L. Šimková
A. Liška
Daniel Bím
Jenica M. L. Madridejos
Radek Pohl
Lubomír Rulíšek
Josef Michl
J. Ludvík
Electrochimica Acta 321 : Early View (2019).
A New Insight into the Stereoelectronic Control of the Pd0‐Catalyzed Allylic Substitution: Application for the Synthesis of Multisubstituted Pyran‐2‐ones via an Unusual 1,3‐Transposition
Z. Brůža
J. Kratochvíl
J. N. Harvey
Lubomír Rulíšek
L. Nováková
J. Maříková
J. Kuneš
P. Kočovský
M. Pour
Chemistry - A European Journal 25 (34): 8053-8060 (2019).
Preparation of (Pentafluorosulfanyl)benzenes by Direct Fluorination of Diaryldisulfides: Synthetic Approach and Mechanistic Aspects
Javier Ajenjo Barcenas
Blanka Klepetářová
M. Greenhall
Daniel Bím
Martin Culka
Lubomír Rulíšek
Petr Beier
Chemistry - A European Journal 25 (48): 11375-11382 (2019).