Latest publications

Acidity constants and protonation sites of cyclic dinucleotides determined by capillary electrophoresis, quantum chemical calculations, and NMR spectroscopy
Electrophoresis 45 (7–8): 687–705 (2024)
What are the minimal folding seeds in proteins? Experimental and theoretical assessment of secondary structure propensities of small peptide fragments
Chemical Science 15 (2): 594-608 (2024)
Experimental Evidence and Mechanistic Description of the Phenolic H-Transfer to the Cu2O2 Active Site of oxy-Tyrosinase
Journal of the American Chemical Society 145 (42): 22866–22870 (2023)
Synthesis of highly polarized [3]dendralenes and their Diels–Alder reactions
Organic Chemistry Frontiers 10 (22): 5568-5578 (2023)