Selected papers

Multiple cellular proteins interact with LEDGF/p75 through a conserved unstructured consensus motif
Nature Communications 6: 7968 (2015)
Dominant-negative SMARCA4 mutants alter the accessibility landscape of tissue-unrestricted enhancers
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 25 (1): 61-72 (2018)
Affinity switching of the LEDGF/p75 IBD interactome is governed by kinase-dependent phosphorylation
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115 (30): E7053-E7062 (2018)

Latest publications

Model of abasic site DNA cross-link repair; from the architecture of NEIL3 DNA binding domains to the X-structure model
Nucleic Acids Research 2022: Early View
FOXO4 interacts with p53 TAD and CRD and inhibits its binding to DNA
Protein Science 31 (5): e4287 (2022)