Granty programu Inter-Excellence a Inter-Excellence II

INTER-ACTION – Bilaterální spolupráce

USA (2023)

  • Development of Non-Opioid Calcium Antagonists for Pain Treatment/Vývoj nových neopioidních antagonistů vápníkových kanálů pro léčbu bolesti. Project number: LUAUS23322 (MŠMT), 2023–2026 (Emanuela Jahn spolu s New York University)
  • Multifunctional Molecular Machines/Multikomponentní molekulární stroje. Project number: LUAUS23144 (MŠMT), 2023–2027 (Jiří Kaleta spolu s Ohio University)
  • Development of new chemotherapeutics against human and veterinary parasitic infections/Vývoj nových chemoterapeutik proti humánním a veterinárním parazitárním infekcím. Project number: LUAUS23050 (MŠMT), 2023–2027 (Michael Mareš spolu s University of California)

USA (2019)

  • Electron and proton transfer in ionized DNA fragments. Project number: LTAUSA19094 (MŠMT), 2020–2022 (Aleš Marek)
  • When Cucurbit[n]urils Met Molecular Rods: Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Supramolecular Machines in the Solid State. Project number: LTAUSA19120 (MŠMT), 2020–2022 (Jiří Kaleta)
  • Mono- and binuclear Fe, Cu active sites in biological systems: interplay between theory and experiment. Project number: LTAUSA19148 (MŠMT), 2020–2022 (Lubomír Rulíšek)
  • Novel strategies for designing antiparasitic molecules as human and veterinary drugs. Project number: LTAUSA19109 (MŠMT), 2020–2022 (Michael Mareš)

Indie (2019)

  • Photoswitchable and Magnetic Photoswitchable Ionic Liquids: Theory and Experiments. Project number: LTAIN19166 (MŠMT), 2020–2022 (Tomáš Slanina)
  • Visualizing GPCR-G-protein-β-arrestin supercomplexes in living cells using two-photon polarization microscopy. Project number: LTAIN19167 (MŠMT), 2020–2022 (Josef Lazar)

Izrael (2019)

  • Embedding Antiviral Nanoparticles in Water and/or Air for Cleaning the Environment. Project number: LTAIZ19017 (MŠMT), 2019–2022 (Jan Weber)

USA (2018)

  • Synthesis and reactivity of N-fluoroalkylated compounds. Project number: LTAUSA18037 (MŠMT), 2019–2022 (Petr Beier)
  • Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of potential modulators of human adenylate cyclases. Project number: 18086 (MŠMT), 2019–2022 (Zlatko Janeba)
  • Poly-β-malic acid and its role as a possible primitive predecessor of nucleic acids. Project number: LTAUSA18085 (MŠMT), 2019–2022 (Jakub Kaminský)
  • Tumor targeted prodrugs of glutamine anatagonists. Project number: LTAUSA18166 (MŠMT), 2019–2022 (Pavel Majer)
  • Search for novel nucleoside analogs as antivirals against medically important flaviviruses. Project number: LTAUSA18018 (MŠMT), 2019–2022 (Radim Nencka)


  • Targeting cathepsin-mediated proteolysis for proteostasis control, Project number: LUC23037 (MŠMT), 2023–2025 (Martin Horn)
  • The role of proteases and pseudoproteases in membrane protein biogenesis and quality control, Project number: LUC23180 (MŠMT), 2023–2025 (Kvido Stříšovský)
  • Impact of Photoinduced Charge Migration on Photochemistry of Radicals and Switches. Project number: LTC20076 (MŠMT), 2020–2023 (Tomáš Slanina)
  • Role of adhesion-GPCRs during viral infection of mammalian cells. Project number: LTC20065 (MŠMT), 2020–2023 (Jan Weber)
  • Development of chiral microscopy and chemical imaging for biomolecular studies. Project number: LTC17012 (MŠMT), 2017–2020 (Petr Bouř)