Zvaná přednáška – Jay S. Siegel

6. června 2008
Zvaná přednáška – Jay S. Siegel

Prof. Jay S. Siegel (Universität Zürich, Švýcarsko)


Novel Aromatics as the Core of Nano-Scale Materials


The formula C10nH10 includes a series of bowl-shaped carbon-rich structures where in corannulene (1) represents n=2, and the simplest capped nanotube, C40H10 (2), represents n=4.1 Derivatives of class n=2 continue to lead to many interesting materials.2 The class of n=4 is also represented by an isomeric structure of 2, decaethynylcorannulene (3). A simple bond energy estimate for the energetics of 3 compared to 2 results in a remarkable value of 300-400 kcal/mol in favor of 2, and could lead one to question the feasibility for 3 to be isolated as an inert material. From decachlorocorannulene (4), decapentynylcorannulene (5) can be prepared with the hope of making decapropyl-2 (6). Such an approach would open a solution phase method to the synthesis of mono-disperse single-walled carbon nanotubes.3 At the same time, corannulene mono-layers on metals reveal new surface phenomena regarding molecular organization and polymorphism.4 Sym-pentakisarylalkynylcorannulenes offer a different type of materials application in the area of oriented solids and liquid crystals with efficient fluorescence activity.5


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