Zvaná přednáška – David Ron

5. března 2024
Zvaná přednáška – David Ron

Prof. David Ron (Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, University of Cambridge, Spojené království)


Regulation of Protein Synthesis and Proteostasis by the Integrated Stress Response

Datum a čas

5. března 2024, 10:00


Přednáškový sál ÚOCHB


The regulated phosphorylation and de-phosphorylation of the alpha subunit of translation initiation factor 2 (eIF2a) potently regulates global and gene-specific mRNA translation and thereby broadly affects proteostasis in diverse physiological and pathological settings. Phosphorylated eIF2 is a convergence point for several stress response pathways and its downstream effector processes are known as the integrated stress response (or ISR). In this talk I will review recent advances in our understanding of the ISR and its role in proteostasis.

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