Agilent 6230 Accurate-Mass TOF LC/MS

  • LC-MS systémy
Obrázek Agilent 6230 Accurate-Mass TOF LC/MS

The Agilent 6230 Accurate-Mass TOF LC/MS system features Agilent Jet Stream Thermal Focusing technology for significantly improved sensitivity, as well as enhanced MassHunter Workstation software for superior data mining and analysis capabilities. These new features, coupled with Agilent’s True High-Definition TOF technology, enable the 6230 Accurate-Mass TOF to deliver exceptional sensitivity, excellent mass accuracy, fast data acquisition, and streamlined qualitative and quantitative analysis. An Agilent 1260 Infinity Binary LC is coupled with this 6230 Accurate-Mass TOFMS system for on-line HPLC-HR-ESI/APCI-MS analysis. Typical sample types suitable for analysis on the Agilent 6230 LC-TOFMS include synthetic organic molecules, synthetic peptides, natural products, and proteins.