Zvané přednášky ÚOCHB 2006

22. února 2006
Prof. Karl Y. Hostetler (University of California, La Jolla, CA, USA):
Making Nucleoside Phosphonates Orally Active: Compounds for Oral Treatment of Smallpox and Other Viral Diseases

4. dubna 2006
Prof. Björn O. Roos (University of Lund, Švédsko):
The Nature of the Metal-Metal Multiple Bond

10. dubna 2006
Prof. Richard J. Whitley (University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL, USA):
Influenza: Where to From Here?

29. června 2006
Prof. Mark Ratner (Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA):
Electron Transfer and Molecular Conductance: Some Mechanistic Issues

14. září 2006
Prof. Alexander Wlodawer (National Cancer Institute, Frederick, MD, USA):
How to Turn the Sweet Tooth of Viruses into Their Achilles' Heel by Utilizing Antiviral Lectins

26. září 2006
Prof. David L. Denlinger (Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA):
Escape in Time: The Biology of Overwintering in Insects

6. října 2006
Prof. Jean-Pierre Sauvage (Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, Francie):
Catenanes and Rotaxanes as Molecular Machine Prototypes

23. října 2006
Prof. Guy C. Lloyd-Jones (University of Bristol, Spojené království):
Studies of the Mechanism of Metal-Mediated Reactions: Using Labels to Define What Goes Where and When

30. října 2006
Prof. Barry M. Trost (Stanford University, CA, USA):
Enantiofacial Discrimination of Carbon Nucleophiles

9. listopadu 2006
Prof. Peter A. Jones (University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA):
The Prague Azanucleoside Drugs and the Beginnings of Epigenetic Therapy