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Chiroptical Redox Switching of Tetra‐Cationic Derivatives of Azoniahelicenes
Chiroptical Redox Switching of Tetra‐Cationic Derivatives of Azoniahelicenes
ChemElectroChem 6 (12): 3002-3008 (2019)
New tetra‐ and di‐cationic azoniahelicenes provide electrochemical, spectroelectrochemical and electronic circular dichroism (ECD) data reflecting their differences in electron transfer (ET) kinetics. Di‐cationic helquats containing two seven‐membered rings are irreversibly reduced in two ET steps. Substitution by redox‐active ethenylpyridinium in the α or γ position with respect to nitrogen atoms of the helquat core yields tetra‐cationic derivatives with reversible ET steps and communicating redox centres. Redox‐inactive substituents in di‐cationic azoniahelicenes retain ET irreversibility. Redox switching of ECD of tetra‐cationic enantiomers was observed. Unlike fully aromatic helquat, the ECD response of tetra‐cationic helquats to periodic reduction‐oxidation cycles is slower, owing to a strong adsorption on electrodes. Quantum chemical calculations (DFT) indicate that the first ET step of tetra‐cationic derivative substituted in the γ position yields a folded structure, which…
The Impact of Huge Structural Changes on Electron Transfer and Measurement of Redox Potentials: Reduction of ortho-12-Carborane
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 123 (45): 9668-9676 (2019)
Single Molecule Conductance of Electroactive Helquats: Solvent Effect
ChemElectroChem 6 (23): 5856-5863 (2019)

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